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Why should I wash my roof?

While washing your roof will improve its appearance, there are also two practical reasons why you should keep your roof clean. First, black streaks and stains can affect your roof’s ability to reflect heat, which contributes to keeping the interior of your home cooler on hot days. Second, the growths you see on your roof can actually harm its surface. For example, algae (black staining) eats the limestone in your roof shingles. It also holds moisture that can encourage the growth of other biological growth, such as moss and lichen, that can lift the edges of your shingles and create leaks from rain water.

Why does high-pressure cleaning damage my roof?

The use of high pressure during roof cleaning removes excessive amounts of shingle granules, which shortens the life of your roof. We recommend that you never allow anyone to use high pressure to clean your roof. Your Syracuse house washing professional uses the latest soft wash technology, which includes low-pressure equipment and the proper washing solution for your roof. It is the washing solution, not high pressure, that produces our outstanding results.

How does my roof get clean without high pressure?

CNY ProWash uses washing methods recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) and other roof manufacturers. We use the latest in soft wash technology, including low-pressure equipment and the proper washing solutions for your specific situation. The washing solution is effective in killing the growth on the roof, and we use a light rinse to wash the debris off the roof and restore your roof’s appearance. It’s the washing solution that does the cleaning, not pressure.

Do the lye or sodium hydroxide roof cleaners work?

These products are not recommended by shingle manufacturers because they are not very effective. They only work when used with excessive pressure, which reduces the longevity of your roof. When not used with high pressure, the roof may take 2-3 months to begin to appear clean after an application. Sometimes more than one application is needed to see good results.

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